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  • Customers like
    • Money received quickly 3
    • Easy application process 2
    • Short term solution when an emergency came up 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Ridiculous finance fees 20
    • Being cheated and misled 14
    • Horrible customer service 13

After I got pre approved letter. I got the text msg that I got approved. For $400 and now I have to pay $2881. Big scam. Add comment

Have no clue who theas people are. They started calling last week looking for my wife. Not one of the reps that have called speak english chances are never steped foot on the ground in the usa. Add comment

This is a bad company took out $200 loan now it says I owe $600 not happening rip of company I am not paying anymore Add comment

Extremely misleading. 500 dollar loan. 250 per month fee. After 3rd month I called and none of the payments went to the principle. Horrible customer service to boot. Made a bad choice for a short term loan. Never again. Customer beware. Add comment

This man contacted me regarding a loan I supposedly took out from this company. Threatening me threathng a criminal case. I never did any of this. I submitted a loan request thru a vendor that submits ur app to several companies my first HUGE MISTAKE castle came up but I never signed any contracts they GOT me good. Now they say I OWE THEM. I HAD TO SHUT DOWN BANK ACCOUNTS FILE FRAUD CASES. I will never ever file for a loan over the... Read more

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This company misleads you. They steal your money and call it a finance charge. Not one csr speaks English, they never send out a statement. The way they steal, you'll be paying for life! Add comment

I have to oay them almost 1,000 dollars and they keep adding more money i just want to cancel my appkication and cjecking account!! Add comment

I needed some extra money for Christmas.Applied online for $200.00,but they wanted me to pay $100.00 in 9 payments!Did"nt like that deal so I refuse it.5min. later a lady calls me.Why did"nt you want the loan?I said I"m not paying $900.00 for a $200.00 loan.She tells me I can cut your payments to 4 payments.I said okay! I don"t mind paying $400.00 for a $200.00 loan,it"s Christmas!I later found out that she gave me the same deal I did"nt want!... Read more

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STOP THESE PEOPLE!!! Sent a bogus letter claiming I have a loan with them. I do not!!!!! I am taking the letter to the FCC/Internet Scams and my attorney today. These people hijack your personal info then create letters to tell you that you owe them money and that they will reduce what you owe if you pay them quickly. You have gone too far. Make sure you do not let these people fool you. Ticked Off! in North Carolina. Think twice and check... Read more

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I guess I owe you? I don't know, it is looking crazy on the books. I am going to give you a call to see who you are this time, or if someone is pretending to be you! That is what I got, but since I am still me no matter what, I think I still pay. Excessive fee's Castle, that's all I have to say for now. Maybe I write you a note, and we will go to end the contract. It might be better to do these things by mail. Who? who? who? Read more

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