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Thank going thru the same issue . I will be filing a complaint also and FYI to all you stop payments to them thru your bank .

A ach stop payment is 29.00 well paid to keep from paying these people. I borrowed 400.00 also and would have been stuck paying back 2,300.00. 596.6755% apr. I made five payments and got into accident called to see what my options were and was basically told the f u pay me speech .

I figured I was gonna end up on the streets then I spoke to a friend who is a lawyer and he gave me the option to stop paying file a complaint. I don't feel bad at all in do so cause paying back a 1000 bucks on a 400 dollar loan is more then good on my and conscience.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1237333

Scam artists

They said I borrowed $300.00 3 yrs ago.

Which I did not..

Now hey told me I owe $1700.00 but they will take $669.00

All they do is harass me Non stop

Calling me ato work & telling me if I don't answer my phone they are gonna come to my work..

Wtf are they gonna do if & when they see me.. Arrest me??

*** dumb Mother F###erst. Besides going to someone's work is illegal

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