Mandaue City, Mandaue

I think that they've been very good with their costumer service. The company has no hidden charges too.

I think that Castle PayDay deserves more compliment. They just don't know how happy they've made me. So, THANK YOU CASTLE PAYDAY! YOU ROCK!

I will totally recommend you to my friends too. Aside from the easy application, the transactions really went well. I've also just got what I've promised. This is the most honest to goodness and promising company I've ever been too.

I will totally consider doing business with Castle Payday again!

I will spread the good news too about Castle Payday. One hassle-free company.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1354523

What a *** ***, must be some tribal representative trying to drum up business!


They probably paid you to say this. This company wanted to charge me almost $4,000 for $600.00 loan. Thank God I read the agreement.

Marietta, Georgia, United States #1075628

The Philippines? Oh come on.


Are you *** high


i guess you don't like your friends too much!!!!! don't worry they wont be your friends anymore once you recommend castle

Lexington, Massachusetts, United States #1071052

are you serious or an employee I cant believe there is someone out there that doesn't mind paying 550% interest you must have a screw loose


I'm sure this is coming from someone that either works there or hasn't quite noticed that they will be taking more out of their account after the initial 5 payments they take.


So may I ask, what did you like best, the 7700% interest rate? The never ending debt that it places you in?

I will admit, I borrowed from them and they were friendly enough. I had just had my heart attack and had to go on insulin and was told that I would receive one interest rate, and then found out after I signed the document that they had changed the interest rate on me.

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