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Tribal Lending does not mean they don't have to follow the law:

Please read to the end, you do have a legal option to resolve this with the help of the Federal Government.

This company is Red Rock Lending, It goes and has gone under multiple names, Castle Payday, and has now changed its name to Big Picture Loans. Avoid at all costs

I made the mistake of taking a loan out with these scam artists, I was approved for a $600.00 loan, but only borrowed $350.00. I was told by the Rep on the phone that there would be a $122.50 finance charge, steep, but I agreed.

What I did not know, and could not see at the time I accepted this agreement, was that the Truth in Lending disclosure not visible at the time I accepted this loan showed an APR of, and this is not a typo either, 849.0116% and that the total repayment amount for my $350.00 loan would be a whopping $1,872.50.

After realizing what I had gotten myself into, I started looking online and saw what kind of company this is, they are a predatory lender engaged in illegal business practices.

This is where it got interesting, I did digging online, and found that they are NOT immune to the reach of the Federal Government. On March 19th of 2014 U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro ruled that the FTC Act “grants the FTC authority to regulate arms of Indian tribes, their employees, and their contractors.” specifically regarding deceptive payday lenders hiding behind a tribal affiliation.”

I filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on December 8th citing what exactly had transpired, noting that I had not been informed of the 850% interest rate on the loan, that I was told there would be a $122.50 finance charge, not $1,872.50 in total payments, and that I was unable to view the "Truth in Lending" disclosure until after the loan had been processed and funds delivered to my account. This is illegal, and remember, their claim that they immune to the laws of the Federal Government….. is totally false.

Within 10 days of me filing my complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I got a response from Castle Payday stating that "By electronically signing the loan agreement, you agreed to abide by its terms, including the repayment schedule."

The very next paragraph however read... "To date, the Company has received payments from you in the amount of $490. While not obligated to do so, and in an effort to resolve this in a manner that is most favorable to you, the Company has “Charged Off” your account and updated its status to “Paid in Full,” thereby concluding your business with the Company."

I had no problem with paying the total of $472.50 I had agreed to for the $350.00 loan, which is only fair, I was not looking to get out of a legitimate debt. I was fortunate, the $490.00 this cost me was only $17.50 more than I had expected to pay, and I will gladly write that off as a fee for learning this lesson.

If you have been scammed by these people, I urge you to please go to the "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" website, it is http://www.consumerfinance.gov/ and file a proper complaint. This doesn't cost anything. Include specific details of the loan, the illegal interest rate that they are attempting to charge you, whether or not all of the details of the loan were made visible to you at the time of the loan submission, etc. Be professional, and you will likely get the resolution that you are looking for. These complaints are forwarded to the legal offices of this illegal loan sharking operation and they will likely do what they can to make you happy and keep the Federal Government out of their operation as long as possible. Do not bother with the Better Business Bureau, they do not have legal authority over any company, go straight to the Feds.

It took less than 10 days for me to get this resolved, this company does NOT want the feds coming after them, and the more people that file proper complaints, the more likely the FTC or CFPB is to take action against them to stop these illegal practices, These “Tribal Operations” have already been fined Millions by the feds. Here is the company full name and mailing address that you will need when you file your complaint: Red Rock Tribal Lending, LLC d/b/a CastlePayday.com (or now bigpictureloans.com) P.O. Box 704, Watersmeet, MI 49969

Product or Service Mentioned: Castle Payday Loan.

Reason of review: Scam.

Preferred solution: Just letting people know how to address this issue.

I didn't like: Deceptive illegal.

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Yes they have negative credit reporting on my credit report and when i call them they stated they cant do anything for me because they dont have an account. I will be reporting them to credit agency as well as washington state whoever I need because this is the only negative thing on my credit in something called dark web.

Yakima, Washington, United States #1344589

Check your states payday lending laws. A person in washington state is protected if lender isn't licensed for lending in washington state.

The loan becomes non collectable nor enforceable. I got in trouble with 4 different lenders and after I found the wa rcw I told them to pound sand. I was able to get out of ALL 4 lenders without recourse from them.

ALL of them were tribal lenders. Also CANNOT report to credit bureaus.

Naples, Florida, United States #1295951

Thanks for posting this I too will be filing a complaint with the CFPB. Took out a loan for $600 and couldn't see the interest rate until after money was in my account.

A whooping 638.4709% or $3450 for $600. I stopped all ACH payments with my bank and hope for the same resolution you received.

to Anonymous #1384648

Hello! How do you stop payments with your bank? I was told I couldn't do that at my bank

to Anonymous #1435186

thanks for the info that's ridiculous I also too out 600

Tampa, Florida, United States #1277012

Thank you for taking the time to offer this information & confirming my gutt feelings. stewbeale@yahoo.com

Cambridge, Ohio, United States #1228352

Thank you for posting, I mistakenly stumbled upon it looking for a promo code to get a cheaper interest rate! Thank God I kept looking down the page and came accross this or i would have definitely been taken!

Monroeville, Alabama, United States #1193278

Thank you so much for this post. I got the same response you got back from Big Picture Loan. "CHARGED OFF...PAID IN FULL." Again thank you so much for the information!

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1177843

Thank you for posting! I went through the application process and before I was going to accept I wanted to see reviews.

Yours is the first one that popped up and I thank you for posting.

I went back to the site and looked up the interest rate and it's at 782%! Once again thank you and everyone else for posting your experience with this company!!


Filed my complaint today and it is almost verbatim, what you experienced. Only I am being charged 927.7664 % on an $800 loan.

By the time I was able to see the "agreement" and pay schedule, I had already paid a whopping $3100.

I'm still paying but hope for some results. Thank you for your post.


Lend up is the only fair one out there. They do not charge you like big picture loans.

This company is fair.

Lend up is fair. Big picture are crooks.

Marrero, Louisiana, United States #1143534

Thank you. This happened to me and i have been frozen with fear, in not knowing what to do.

Thank you for sharing your story. I wish i could tell you more, but, i have some complaints to get to.

Seriously didn't know what to do. Thank you.


Im submitting a complaint as of today. This company is a loan shark and should not be permitted to due business at all.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1140585

Thank you so much for providing this information for us to get help. This place is SUCH A SCAM.

I have paid $1728.75 on a $600 loan .... I've made 8 payments of over $200 each (which of course they just magically keep deducting) . I STILL OWE $708.75?!?

Getting involved with these guys was THE WORST MISTAKE I HAVE EVER MADE.

I am hoping your tip will help me resolve this situation in the same means you've had your's resolved. Obviously, they made plenty off me to make up for the lack of profit off you :P



I too made the mistake of accepting a loan from these people. I am worried that a charge off will reflect negatively on my credit which is getting better and better.


Anyone know a good payday company? The lights are about to go off and the wife is getting riled up.

My car is on the line for a repo as well.

Christ, someone help me!

to Anonymous Alliance, Ohio, United States #1217117

(Lend up) is legit and affordable...I borrowed 200.00 and paid back 249.99 and had a month to pay it back...

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