I borrowed $400. I was misled & was told that my 1st payment would be due in 30 days $140 minimum, which is JUST interest.

Well my bank account has been deducted $140 EVERY TWO WEEKS & NOW IT HAS GONE UP TO $165!! So far I have paid them back $765 since

May 22, 2015 which my 1st payment was made and I'm trying to pay them as we speak but instead of $400, they want $508 because of some "other fees" they charge. That makes it a payback of $1,273 for $400 borrowed. This is TERRIBLE!!

I hope they are shut down for gouging. THERE HAS TO BE A LAW AGAINST THIS!!

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And if you read the fine print - it is run off an Indian reservation which I am sure is done because they can have separate rules according to the Feds as US banks and lenders do.

to Anonymous #1017885

I so agree, this place has made my life and paycheck a living ***,

i have paid them far over i borrowed. and im still not done paying them back.

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